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UnbeLEAFable! How to protect your car from fall leaves.


Watching the trees turn the beautiful shades of orange, red, and yellow is one of the best things about fall.  What comes next – the leaves falling – is not.  Fallen leaves can cause havoc with your yard, make roads slick but did you also know they can cause damage to your car?


Leaf Damage to your Car

Leaves do not only make roads a dangerous place by covering up potholes, curbs, and limiting your ability to see road markings but they can do damage to your car.  Sap, pollen, and acid from leaves can stain and damage the paint finish on your car, especially if the leaves are wet.  The longer the leaves are on your car, the harder they can be to get off, and of course, the more damage they could cause.

Leaves can also do damage to the inside of your car.  If leaves make it to the inside of your hood, they can get inside your air filter, and even clog drains on your vehicle.   To keep leaves from damaging your vehicle, it is important to make sure that you keep leaves off your car.


Car Fall Tips:

  • Keep your car away from trees. Try avoiding parking under trees or near trees when the leaves are falling.  Keeping leaves from even getting on your car can go a long way.


  • Remove leaves daily. If leaves do get on your car, remove them quickly.  By making the removal of leaves a daily habit, you can keep the time of the leaves on the car to a minimum.


  • Park undercover. If you have a garage or carport, use it to park your vehicle.  Take the time to remove unnecessary items in your garage so that you can park your vehicle to protect it.


  • Wash your car frequently and apply a protective coating to the paint. Washing your vehicle will remove most of the residue from the leaves on your vehicle so do it regularly.  A protective coating like wax can help remove any hidden leaf residue and help protect your car from anything else the weather can throw at it.


Following these tips can help protect your car against any damage that leaves can cause.  To keep your car looking good throughout any season, try a Time To Shine Car Wash Club Membership.  You can wash as much as you want or need throughout the month.




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