Winter Weather Car Care - Time To Shine Winter Weather Car Care

Winter Weather Car Care



Winter Weather Car Care


It’s time to think about winter weather and how to keep your car in tip-top shape as you navigate colder temps and possibly tricky roads.

Keep It Clean

Always keeping your car clean can help you as you drive in winter weather.  If you can park in a garage or carport, always do that.  It keeps your windows clear of ice and snow and can cut down on clean off time before driving.  If you must park outside, always make sure your windows are clear before driving.


A good wash and wax are needed. We recommend using a wash like our Super Ceramic. Our Super Ceramic is a ceramic polymer that applies to the vehicle exterior and creates a durable protection layer!  Super Ceramic provides etching and staining protection and makes for easier-to-clean vehicles.  This vital step can be done multiple times throughout the winter season to keep your car looking and running its best throughout the season.

Check Your Fluids

Be sure that your coolant, or antifreeze, levels are where they should be.  Make sure that there are no leaks in your car that could cause coolant to leak out.  Reading your owners’ manual will help you determine what is needed to keep your vehicle running as well as it should.


Tires Are Important

Also, check your tires to ensure that your tread is solid.  Good tread helps protect your vehicle again slippery and dangerous roads.  If you live in a big snow area, be sure to have tire chains.  Tire chains help your car in getting traction in snow.


Tire pressure is also essential. Keep track of your tire pressure because it can drop as the temperature gets colder.  Low tire pressure can cause issues with your tread and lead to premature wear.  Both of those issues can lead to accidents.

Good Lighting

Being able to be seen and to see in the winter months is especially important. The sunsets much earlier, and couple that with a wintry weather mix, you can safely navigate is crucial.  Check all your lights – headlights, brake lights, turn signals, and internal lighting.  Take the time to replace any bulbs, and if needed, replace, or restore headlights.

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