Time To Shine Car Wash | Making your car shine in OK and SC!

Thank you for your membership with Time To Shine Car Wash.  We appreciate you allowing us to clean your vehicle.

Your Hot Wax monthly membership will upgrade to Lava Shield and Shine beginning with your July charge.  The price will for the Lava Shield and Shine will increase to $29.99.

Your wash membership will now include the Lava Shield and Shine, which provides a five-step process that will leave your vehicle looking cleaner than ever:

  1. Lava Bath: Foamed detergent that loosens all the contaminants from your vehicle’s surface.
  2. Lava Shine: Enhance vehicle shine and prepare the painted surface for sealant
  3. Lava Seal: Want even more shine?  The Lava Seal provides a third foam application to enhance shine further.
  4. Lava Rinse: Here, all the foam is flushed and rinsed, and the sealants are cured for buffing.
  5. Buff-n-Dry: We’ll dry the residual water droplets with a buffing action that activates the sealant to a gleaming shine.

We hope that you will continue your membership with Time To Shine Car Wash.  If you’d like to cancel, please click here.

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