Time To Shine Car Wash | Making your car shine in OK and SC!


Looking to raise funds for your team, group, or organization? Time To Shine Community Bucks is what you need. We provide the flyer to share that has a date and time for the fundraiser. Each flyer will have a scannable code that guarantees 25% of the proceeds during the fundraise period go to you organization.


Time To Shine will have 5000 fundraiser cards printed with your organization's information and a unique 4-digit code.


The sponsors and members of your organization will distribute the fundraiser cards to friends, family, and members of the community.


Time To Shine will donate $12.50 to your organization every time a customer purchases a $25 Super Ceramic Wash using your special 4-digit code.

To get started, visit one of our locations and ask for an information brochure.

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